Welcome to the home page of "Saint Spiridon" : award winning extra virgin olive oil.

At the UK's "Great Taste Awards 2009", organised by the Guild of Fine Food, our oil was blind tasted by international experts in open competition with fine oils from all over the world.
We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the accolade of a "Gold Award", once more indicating the fine taste and quality of "Saint Spiridon


Direct Purchasing Arrangements

Following our successes this year at awards, and for Europe only , "Saint Spiridon" is now available farm direct to European small packet bulk purchasers (minimum order just one pallet). This represents an amazing opportunity to bring our award winning oil to your customers at great value whilst maintaining excellent margins. Please contact us at info@saintspiridon.com quoting EU017 for details.

About Our Oil

Olives have been cultivated in the Sitia region of Eastern Crete for 3,000 years and the skills and techniques necessary to produce what is arguably the world’s best olive oil have been handed down from parents to children for many, many generations. All of the oil produced here by the family members of our cooperative is of fine quality, but some of the groves of the region, by virtue of the local microclimate, the soil type and the expertise and skill of the individual farmers produce an oil of particular rarity with an extremely low acidity of just 0.3%. It is this selected oil that has garnered for Sitia 0.3% probably more international taste and quality awards than any other olive oil in the world and is now brought to you by "Saint Spiridon".

The oil of the region forms the foundation of the famous “Cretan Diet” and is a significant element in the well known longevity enjoyed by the population. We use our oil in almost every dish we make, including pastries, and liberally splash it on nearly everything we eat. It is particularly fine when used as a dressing for salads and as a dip for fresh crusty bread, perhaps with the addition of a good balsamic vinegar. "Saint Spiridon" has an intense fruitiness with a slight aftertaste of pepper and is remarkable in that it always enhances and never dominates the flavours of the other ingredients of any dish.


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